The feature to join as a member of is currently unavailable as we are implementing a phased approach to the launch of the website. Currently we are in Stage 1 and the website is foremost in place for Pool Associations to register their affiliate bodies.

'Join Now' to the public will be available in Stage 2 when we go live to the players. Below is an outline of the 3 phase approach.

Stage 1 - This is the soft launch of the website. will only focus on promoting the site to countries and associations via the WPA and WEPF membership. The basic website will be available with the practice game and other information relevant to train the parent bodies to sign up their respective countries and associations. This stage is now active.

Stage 2 - This will be the official launch to the public and will be approximately 4 weeks after stage 1 commences. From this day onwards, associations at all levels will be able to start marketing to their pool players and building their affiliate down lines. Stage 2 will provide the members of the site the facility to enjoy the 2 player game (pool rooms). ETA is January / February 2010.

Stage 3 - This is where the business model is activated and we introduce the first of many free tournaments. We will be self funding a series of free tournaments over the initial 8 weeks of this stage to build membership and allow players to experience the uniqueness of the tournament structure. Free tournaments will then become US$20 entry tournaments at which point affiliate members start to earn their revenues. ETA is set for May 2010.