December 2009

To Whom It May Concern

The World Eight-Ball Pool Federation is the international governing body for Eight-Ball Pool. The body was formed in 1992 and was the initiative of representatives from Australia, England and New Zealand.

The game is played in 40-50 countries and participation of teams or individuals representing approximately 20 countries at our World Championships in England each year.

Our member country representatives are appreciative for the business opportunity has presented to the WEPF. The attributes of the game and expert technology used creates true to life physical reaction of equipment and balls, making for exciting drama packed competition, or a fun way to practice and learn the art of online pool.

The WEPF through its Member Associations is committed to promote Cuesportz to its member players and millions of avid pool enthusiasts around the World. We see the potential this concept has to promote online pool, with the mutual benefit supporting, promotion and growth of our game of Eight- Ball Pool.

World Eight-Ball Federation

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