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About Us officially launched in December 2009 after several years of research and development. The founding members of have had a lifetime of experience in the Cue Sports industry and with their passion in the game of pool, have developed the most realistic two dimensional game of pool on the net. has also teamed up with the 2 world governing bodies of Billiards sports to help grow the game of pool in general. These organisations are the World Pool- Billiards Association (WPA) and the World Eight-Ball Pool Federation (WEPF). Through our affiliate partnership with these organisations, will be able to reach and bring together the millions of pool players globally and create an online community that will stimulate growth for the Billiards industry.

Our Vision

“Our vision is to generate enough financial support for Billiards Sport Associations all the way down to the grass roots level�.

We see as a catalyst for the future growth of Billiards on and offline with the future sponsorship of televised pool tournaments worldwide. We take pride in what we have developed and what we can achieve. We also value the relationships we have formed to date with associations and will strive to establish new ones through this Affiliate Program.

The Product

There are 3 distinct areas that make up the product. These are:

  1. The Game
  2. Tournaments
  3. Affiliate Program

The Game

The game has been developed specifically using 2D graphics and a relatively easy to master user interface. We have deliberately not ventured into 3D graphics so as to not over complicate the game and make tournament play more suitable for everyone. The game emulates real physics and cue ball motion so it feels like you are playing the real thing. We have had statements from pool players that have said how our game has helped their off line skills in pool and vice versa, those who play pool in real life can bring those skills to the online game.

Members are able to practice at any time either on their own in the practice room or they can go to Game Rooms and meet up with thousands of other players and play against each other for fun.


Aside from practicing and playing in the game rooms for fun, members will have the opportunity to compete in weekly pool tournaments where they will have the opportunity to win big cash prizes. The tournament structure is so unique that it will cater for incredible amounts of entries. As an example, players over initial stages of play have the flexibility to choose when they want to play their match. This means that time zones are not an issue and we can have players from all over the world competing in the same events.

Aside from weekly 8-ball tournaments, there will also be the opportunity for members to compete in other unique events such as official online world pool championships endorsed by our world governing body partners the WPA and WEPF. A small percentage of money from each weekly pool tournament will be held aside for these world events and these will jackpot week by week so members can see what they will be playing for at the end of the year.

When launch the first tournaments, there will be a series of free weekly tournaments with big cash prizes to be won. So keep practicing and chalk up your skills to prepare for these tournaments.

Affiliate Program have developed an affiliate program that will not only help the company achieve greater numbers in members and tournament participation, but will also allow our members and affiliated associations to generate additional rewards from referring new players to the site.

The program is a two tiered system with no end date. This means that for every person you refer to the site, you will receive an ongoing reward each time they play in a tournament and, for every person they refer (your second line) you receive the same reward again. In an example of a US$20 entry tournament, you will receive $5 as an affiliate payment.

For more information on the affiliate marketing program, please download the attached presentation.

Attachment: CueSportz Affiliate Marketing PDF

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